About us

Ravitex, born to meet the evergrowing demands of long distance transport and for businesses that are continuosly getting tougher and faster.

Ravitex is a domestic and international transport company, developed to offer premium services for freight and passenger transportation. We own a performant fleet and experienced drivers who are specialized for the type of vehicle and cargo, so that we can promptly provide transportation services for any kind of transport or any destination whatsoever.

Ravitex entered the transportation market in 2002, as a small family business, meeting customer needs with a fleet of only four vehicles . Gradually, the company has experienced fast growth and market share gains with professional and fast , safe and good quality transportation services. At the same time with the development of the company, we diversified our fleet through strategic acquisitions so that we can now satisfy more and more specific transport needs. At the same time with the fleet, we have developed a wide range of specialized services to meet effectively the requirements of a very dynamic market.

In time, due to collaboration with several leading companies from the automotive industry, we have managed to specialize our services according to the specific needs of this industry both in terms of national and international transport of raw materials, components and products characteristic for this industry which requires special transportation conditions and of local employee transport to the production sites in Timis county area.

We also own vehicles that allow us to provide optimal conditions required for food transport. Temperature-controlled trailers guarantee the delivery of perishable goods, like meat, in the best conditions. The services we offer also cover general freight transportation and passenger transportation services both on domestic and international routes for tourist purposes.

Our basic principles are safety, adaptability to our customers’ needs and professionalism. We are continuously working to develop safety measures, in order to deal away with any kind of risks that may hinder optimal transportation of goods. We are permanently increasing efficiency through continuous fleet renewal with high- performance vehicles from top manufacturers, through permanent training of our drivers and last but not least by insuring all transported goods.

Through safety, versatility and professionalism we always manage to arrive on time wherever you require our services.